Our Mission

Mission Statement

Wolf Pack Support Services (WPSS) provides peer support groups, financial aid, education and treatment programs to promote recovery from PTSD, work related stress, and critical incidents experienced by first responders, healthcare professionals and their families.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide mental and financial tools to first responders, healthcare professionals and their families to help reduce the effects of constant exposure to traumatic events, promote healthy living, cope with PTSD, reduces stress and prevent suicide. We will help you feel less isolated, empower you with awareness, and help you develop a proper emotional response to your stressors. 

How It's Done

Wolf Pack Support Services is a partnership of First Responder Peers, Healthcare Workers, Mental Health Clinicians, Social Workers, Chaplains and Doctors whom all donate their individual time to help our program succeed. For services that we have to pay for, we use donations and host fundraisers to raise enough money to pay for the services our Wolf Pack needs. WPSS is open to all EMS, Fire, Police, Dispatch, Corrections and Healthcare professionals. By keeping the groups we service isolated to these first responders, we create an environment of shared situations where members feel comfortable to share experience and advice while also providing emotional and moral support. #EndTheStigma