WPSS Professional Ambassadors

Meet our Pack of Professional Ambassadors

Wolf Pack Support Services utilizes Professional Ambassadors to help promote our message. Our Ambassadors promote our message to #EndTheStigma around Mental Health. One does not need to be in the Police, Fire, EMS, Corrections, Dispatch or Healthcare industries to understand that these individuals work in high stress environments. This stress is nothing to be ashamed of and we are working to end the negative stigmas surrounding Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness. We are greatly thankful to have all these amazing individuals donate their time and energy in support of Wolf Pack Support Services. 


Clint Malarchuk


Clint is an author, professional speaker, former NHL goalie, former NHL and IHL coach, suicide survivor, mental health advocate and Wolf Pack Support Services (WPSS) Professional Ambassador. He speaks around North America on mental health, PTSD, OCD, suicide prevention, substance abuse, depression and his personal struggles with mental health. He is helping #EndTheStigma around mental health, educate people about his philosophies on developing leadership skills and overcoming life struggles. www.malarchuk.com


“My purpose is to be of service to men and women struggling with PTSD, mental illness and addiction – and that’s an awesome service.”

-Clint Malarchuk 


A Matter of Inches, By Clint Malarchuk

No job in the world of sports is as intimidating, exhilarating, and stress-ridden as that of a hockey goaltender. Clint Malarchuk did that job while suffering high anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder and had his career nearly literally cut short by a skate across his neck, to date the most gruesome injury hockey has ever seen. This autobiography takes readers deep into the troubled mind of Malarchuk, the former NHL goaltender for the Quebec Nordiques, the Washington Capitals, and the Buffalo Sabres. When his carotid artery was slashed during a collision in the crease, Malarchuk nearly died on the ice. Forever changed, he struggled deeply with depression and a dependence on alcohol, which nearly cost him his life and left a bullet in his head. In A Matter of Inches, Malarchuk reflects on his past as he looks forward to the future, every day grateful to have cheated death—twice.

Arielle Gold


Arielle Gold is a Professional Snowboarder who specializes in the Halfpipe. She is a two time U.S. Olympian, winning Bronze in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Her other professional statistics include five X-Games medals (2 Silver, 3 Bronze), 2 World Championships bringing home Gold in 2013, five World Cup career podiums, 2 Silver medals in the Youth Olympic Games and a Gold medal in the Junior World Championships. 


Arielle has experienced many ups and downs during her snowboarding career. She suffered an accident during her first Winter Olympics, that led to long lasting mental affects. She has spent time working with a sports psychologist to help conquer the fear instilled from her crash. Through this journey she has fallen in love with snowboarding again, but also learned quite a bit about mental health and mental health awareness. She has joined Wolf Pack Support Services as a Professional Ambassador to help end the negativity around discussing mental health and giving back to the community.


When not competing, Arielle enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors, riding her horses, mountain biking, participating in the multitude of water sports Colorado has to offer, watching the Denver Broncos and spending time with family & friends. Arielle is also dedicates time to being involved with Protect Our Winters and Animal Rescue of the Rockies as other ways to give back.


Who will be our next Ambassador?


Wolf Pack Support Services is always working on adding more Professional Ambassadors. We pride ourselves on finding individuals that fit with our Mission of providing and promoting mental health awareness.